designXtronics offers tailored and practice-oriented trainings.

General areas
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of technical systems (mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, thermodynamics, pneumatics, ...)
  • Implementation of models in simulation environments (e.g. Simulink®)
  • Model-based controller software design (e.g. MATLAB®/Simulink®)
  • Rapid Control Prototyping (e.g. with dSPACE prototyping tools)
  • Analysis methods of control engineering
  • Programming (e.g. MATLAB®)
Application-specific practical examples
  • Electrics/electronics: e.g. e-motor, valve, magnetorheological shock absorber
  • Thermodynamics/hydraulics: e.g. heat pump, water pump
  • Pneumatics: e.g. air suspension
  • Mechanics: e.g. vehicle dynamics control