designXtronics offers engineering services for all steps within the model-based product development process.

  • Development of functional concepts
  • Validation of concepts within simulation studies
(Pre-) Development
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of technical systems (mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, ...)
  • Creation of simulation models
  • Analysis of static and dynamic system behaviour
  • Identification of system parameters
  • Numerical optimization of construction parameters
  • Model-based algorithm design and development of functional software (controller & diagnosis software)

Figure: Model-based Product Prototyping Process

Prototyping & Code Generation
  • Real-time implementation of function algorithms: Virtual & Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Numerical system optimization
  • Calibration of software parameters
  • Automatic generation of production code
Methods & Tools
  • Programming of graphical user interfaces and API-functions (MATLAB®)
  • Generation of simulation libraries (Simulink®)